Célia Laguitton


“Because the flame burning inside me also illuminates me.”

Étienne de La Boétie     

All of us have a little spark inside. 


For Célia it's a wildfire.


The Opening Scene: it starts with Célia in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. An idyllic, Parisian neighbourhood. A promising career as a lawyer. A life perfectly in order.


Has there been a casting error?


Célia is simmering for some other part.


Her life isn't cut out for this script. The props are too conventional, the dialogue banal, and the final scene–way too predictable.


This role isn't hers. 


So she deploys her favourite motto, "Become What You Are" in order to be who she really is. She leaves Europe for Québec, ready to heat up the region's best stages.


Because it's in the theatre where she truly belongs, sharing her passion with the audience. 


Playing successive roles as Natalia Stepanova in "Une demande en mariage" (A Marriage Proposal), Monique in "Quai ouest" (Quay West) by Bernard-Marie Koltès, Madame Popova in "L'ours" (The Bear) by Anton Chekhov, the intensity of her performances has received public acclaim, and her energy praised by director René Bazinet (Cirque du Soleil).

Celia shares her passion with the public.

Since September 2016, she is in residence at Le Bain Mathieu with her team from Minuit moins une Théâtre. Their first play is named "Does your body belong to you?" and deals with a burning hot social topic.