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Célia Laguitton


Does Your Body Belong to You? by Minuit moins une Théâtre
Directed by Jacqueline Van de Geer
2016 | Montréal
Quay West by Bernard-Marie Koltès
In the role of Monique

2016 | Montréal

The Bear by Anton Tchekhov
Directed by René Bazinet

2014 | Montreal

Célia Laguitton in the role of Héléna Ivanovna Popova

Olivier Renaud in the role of Grigori Stepanovitch Smirnov

René Bazinet in the role of Louka

Photos by Philip Touitou

Music 1: Bach, English suites 1, 3, 5 by Anderszewski

Music 2 : The National, Sorrow

Editing by Melissa Galianos

Quay West by Bernard-Marie Koltès
Directed by Alexis Roque in the role of Monique

2007 | Paris

A Marriage Proposal by Anton Tchekhov

Directed by Alexis Roque in the role of Natalia Stepanovna

2006 | Paris

Just Another Conte Fairytale by Les Productions de la Fabrique

Directed by Alexis Roque in the role of the "marâtre"

2005 | Paris

Eight Women by Robert Thomas

In the role of Suzon

2004 | Paris

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